Draconic is the language of dragons, kobolds, and Lizardfolk. It also tends to be used for magical writings due to the once popular belief that dragons invented magic.

Imperial is the official language of the Empire and the default common tongue for Sanctuary. Known by nearly everyone living within the Empire and used as the default trade tongue by those living outside it’s borders, with the exception of the Goblinoids and the Lizardfolk. Imperial was originally based on loquela but has since borrowed many words from other languages and cultures.

The native language of the Felid tribes, Loga is rarely spoken by outsiders.

An older, purer form of Imperial, loquela is spoken mainly by Dwarves and historians. Many of the Gnomes living in dwarven cities speak Loquela as a third language after Omilia and Imperial.

Lyudi is the language of the orcs, spoken by both the clans loyal to the Empire and those still independent.

Once the dominant language among the human settlers in Sanctuary, with the spreading domination and influence of the Empire ningen has fallen out of fashion in favor of imperial. Ningen is most commonly spoken by the lower class humans in imperial cities or in human cities outside the Empire.

Omilia is the language of the Gnomes and those who choose to dwell among them. Omilia also tends to be the language of scholars and scientists thanks to the largely gnome-run Imperial Academy.

Urlabhra is the prevailing language among the Halflings, in and out of the empire. It is against tradition for the halflings to translate their songs, stories, and poems into other languages; instead any outsider wishing to learn about them is encouraged to begin by learning their language.


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