Phlebotinum Breakdown


Coin Quantity Value
Copper Pieces
Silver Pieces
Gold Pieces 77 77 gp
Platinum Pieces
Item Quantity Value Notes
Mighty Composite Longbows 8 +1 to damage
Mwk Mty Comp Longbow 1 +1 to hit and damage
Arrows LOTS
Crappy Chainmail 3 Worn by the diversion group
Less Crappy Chainmail 2 Worn by the ambushers
Rapiers 4 Used by the diversion and ambush groups
Fancy Rapier 1 Used by ambush group leader, Gold inlay and gem on pommel
Headband 1 Allegedly magical, claimed by Cerus
“Janisa’s Orders” 1 Found in the bandit camp, has a list of items to be gathered
Bag ’O Ears 1 Contains all five ears, all from the bandits who mercilessly slew Cestia; whom we, led by valiant Takuro slew in vengeance
PONIES 6 ? Owners sadly committed suicide, but we will give them a good home.
Good Splint Mail? 6 ? Slightly used, well maintained
Bedrolls 6 ? Bevin will claim one
Assorted Weapons ? ? We have a pile of swords and spears, nothing counted just yet
Trail Rations 42ish Haven’t taken an exact count just yet
Small Strong Box
Item Quantity Value Notes
Gold Pieces 230 230 gp
Platinum Pieces 100 1,000 gp
Moss Agate 1 ?
Large Strong Box
Scepter of !!FUN!!


Aroundight RolandDurandal

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