Phlebotinum Breakdown

Dramatis Personae


Carlos the Hat Caravan Leader Commissioned the caravan and hired on the guards. Was instrumental in the establishment of a new town in the wilderness.

Pavlo the Bard Story haver and song giver Pavlo plays the drums and all dance with delight.

Cestia the Inquisitor (dec) Inquisitor from Arx Valentulus A female dwarf who is not to happy with people who cavort with devils/demos. Recently deceased rather violently in the dark.

Waldo “Wally” O’Cart (dec) Cart Driver Extraordinaire Cart driver for Cestia the Deceased. Has had thoughts of not killing people, which is good.

Takuro the Ogre Big Sword, Soft Heart Takoro is out to find those who betrayed and murdered his father as well as babysit the new recruits. Has taken rather kindly to Cerus.

Konyo (dec), Rroko (dec), and Sanzo (dec) The recruits They are were recruits being babysat by Takoro.

Freya the Huntress Scary hunter person Likes to hunt things, and trap things, and be scary by not speaking imperial.

Cerus, Bringer of !!FUN!! Catgirl of great prowess Small, sweet, and lots of !!FUN!!

Bevin Just a guard

Tesara (dec..?) Monk of Ayalla Cool elf lady, aging gracefully

Cesilia “Monk” of Ayalla She makes people feel bad about themselves by staring at them, judgingly.

Cyrus Protector of the Crossroads (or River) A person who plays a flute whilst atop a tree stump. Likes games, likes to put people to sleep. The crossroads he is guarding can be anything, so long as the person he is protecting the crossroads from is willing to cross it; so the crossroads can take the form. Emcee of “The Crossroads Challenge”.

Stage Hands Stage Hands of the Crossroads Challenge Invisible assistants to “Cyrus”

Ulnay Thieves Guild Contact Operates in the city of Shapier

Talwin Lord of Shapier Appreciates fine goblets

Ellessia Elven Gardener Had something nasty hiding in her garden

Allundra Lantern Archon Freya’s friend

Al-Tarek Explosive Alchemist Catboy who likes playing with fire

Neil Orsimun Student Mage Fratboy who likes playing with fire

Charles Malcolm (Dec) Barge-master River merchant and former thief that let the party ride on his barge. Murdered by pirates.


Aroundight Aroundight

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